Haringey Junior Ice Hockey Club (HJIHC) runs a Learn to Play Programme (LTP) for young people to learn the basics of sport of ice hockey.


For all the enquiries email 

learntoplay.haringeyhockey@gmail.com or use contact form below.

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Joining LTP


The minimum proficiency in ice skating to join LTP

  • 4-8 year olds: skate forward, stop and turn (comparable to Skate UK Level 3).

  • Age 9 and over: we would expect Skate UK Level 5/6 proficiency, which includes forward and backward skating, hockey stops,turns and basic crossovers.

Steps to take:

1. Contact HJIHC via email or contact form above. State players' full name, Date of birth, Player nationality and place of birth, contact information (phone/email), parent/guardian full name and player skating ability (if you have taken skating lessons, if so - up to what level. If you have not taken lessons describe how well you can skate). Do you have your own hockey skates/equipement?

2. The club representative will respond to your email and recommend either:

  • That you first take lessons at the rink

  • Come along at the time of the first lesson of the set and the coach will tell you if you can continue or if you should improve your basic skating and come back later

After you finish your ice skating lessons get back in touch to confirm you can start the next LTP set.


Kit: Player should have own hockey skates. The club will initially lend helmet, gloves, shin and elbow pads, neck-guard and hockey jersey. On Sunday, we may require and lend shorts and chest protector.  We lend the kit for 2 sets. After that players expected to get their own equipment as it may not be possible to continue to lend the kit (depends on kit availability since it is intended to be recycled for new joiners). The club has 2nd hand kit it can sell or we can advise where to look for new gear.

Player will be provided with a bag to store lent kit in. Please label the bag with your name and make sure all is in at the end of the session. Player or carer can retrieve the labelled kit bag for the session knowing it will all fit. For your first session a club representative will assist you to get the appropriate kit. Please be patient if we are short-handed and allow yourself some extra time for the first session.


Every LTP participant will be monitored for progress and their skills will be evaluated from time-to-time.

U9 who achieved skating proficiency will be given the opportunity to join the U9s team. (see U9’s team webpage for practice schedule and games fixures)

Player older than 9 years old, as they achieve certain level of skating and puckhandling, will be invited by coaches to join Sunday morning sessions on a try-out basis – they will be monitored by a relevant coaching stuff and once ready to graduate will be offered a practice time spot in their age-relevant team. Please note there is no game-time guaranteed but may be granted.

In order to be part of the team the player must be registered as a member of the EIHA and pay full club fees.

Strong skating skills are the most important aspect of becoming a good hockey player. Skating to hockey is like running to football. If you can’t be there on time, beat the opponent to the puck, get in position to defend or skate around the opponent with the puck – you can’t play.

During the game you shouldn’t be think about skating, you just do it: sharp turns, changing of directions, backwards skating, transitions, deke around players and goalies. If you don’t have to think about how you skate - you can think about the task at hand and other skills like defending, shooting, puck handling and passing.

At LTP we teach the basic skills a player will need to start to play and learn the sport of ice hockey with emphasis on skating and puck control. HJIHC recommends that all beginners take at least one set (a full half term) of lessons or possibly the crash course during half term holidays, before starting LTP. We recommend continuing with the skating lessons and public skating whilst also doing LTP. The faster you master skating - the faster you will enjoy and improve at LTP. Use your hockey skates for lessons and public skating to optimize learning and reduce adaptation to new equipment. Although the transition from figure/rental skates is not huge, there is a difference, so you might as well start with hockey skates.  


LTP Sets



17:45 - 18:35

9:15 - 10:15

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