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Haringey Hounds Goaltending development programme

Director of Goaltending Programme

Hockey Goalie
Warm-up / Cool-down routine
Matt Darlow

Head of Goaltending Operations

Programme Manager

Hockey is a physically demanding sport that requires its players to have endurance, agility, speed and flexibility. To develop and maintain these abilities, the body must be adequately trained; this includes properly preparing for practices and games. The most important part of preparing for a practice or game is the warm up. 

Preparing for the training session or your game starts way before you show up at the ice rink, however it is noticed by many sport professionals that proper warm-up and cool-down routines not only help athletes to perform better during games/practice, but also decrease the chances for injuries, prepare the body before and speed up body recovery after the exercise and help the mind to focus on the upcoming activity. 


Below you can find some basic - goalies specific - warm-up and cool-down routines to assist you with the mentioned activities.


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