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VOLUNTEER LIST 1. It is imperative that we have the volunteer support before we totally commit to running the Friendship Cup. The goal of the Friendship Cup is to bring our ice hockey community together while playing a competitive and fun game. Smiles from the kids and bragging rights for a year!!! Let’s all support this great venue. 2. Please review the list below and choose a position that you feel best that you can support and commit too. Important Note: those parents that step up will guarantee a spot for their child to be placed one of the teams, if roster spot is available. Positions available: DJ/Music/Announcer: Mr. Mark Staples Official Photographer: Mr. Ken Lennox Game Day Program: Mrs. Jan Tucker Referees: vacant Referees: vacant Referees: vacant Bench Coach NA: vacant (level II qualification) Assistant Coach NA: vacant (level I qualification) Assistant Coach NA: vacant (level I qualification) Bench Coach RoW: vacant (level II qualification) Assistant Coach RoW: Mr. Bruce Lenehan Assistant Coach RoW: vacant (level I qualification) Scoreboard Keeper: vacant Penalty Keeper: vacant Penalty Keeper: vacant 50/50 Draw: vacant Dressing Room Manager NA: vacant Dressing Room Assistant NA: vacant Dressing Room Manager RoW: vacant Dressing Room Assistant RoW: vacant

Dressing Room Manager/Assistant will be responsible for assisting the children in getting dressed and kitted up for the commencement of the game. As well, I would also request them to assist with the Opening Ceremony introductions that will take place.

I will require the above vacancies to be filled NLT Friday, 3rd Feb 2017 by 9pm.

If you have any questions/concerns please contact the undersigned.

CONTACT: Gilles Fortin /

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