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Session #4: Offensive Zone Coverage

We want to establish early on that the players are going to be encouraged to be as creative as possible in the offensive zone. They will be asked to mirror some basic principles of play and position but overall, we want the kids to have fun and execute play's that they create. When you start the cycle in hockey; it is best to pass the puck back to F2 back side support, when they call for it. F2 who will be receiving the past will call out "cycle" and F1 will pass the puck back to him/her via a pass along the wall. Make sure the pass is strong enough to get to them and F1 should immediately turn to face F2 who is receiving the puck for a "give and go" pass. F3 positioned in front of the net is adjusting to receive a pass and/or setting up for the deflection and/or rebound. Both F2/F3 are watching F1 with the puck at all times. They are going to read the play and react accordingly. If F1 decides to start the cycle in the corner and move clock wise then they follow suit. If F1 decides to move counter-clockwise then they move in that direction. Communication is important for everyone in this situation. Offensive Attack Formations

Homework: Offensive players should all take the time to watch the above video. This will provide you with key information on how to fine tune your game. Reminder: you cant automatically learn all the below in one day. You will have to watch the videos and continue to improve yourself while practicing and playing.

Cycling in Hockey

Cycling Tactic

Hockey Canada version of Cycling

Canadian Tire version of Cycling

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