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Coronavirus update

As always, Haringey Hounds club’s top focus is creating a safe and fun environment for kids to enjoy the game of ice hockey.

The virus is a risk globally however, as far as the club is aware, there are no cases amongst our members or families.

Our main focus over the next few weeks needs to be in ensuring good habits of hygiene, maintain healthy live patterns, including eating healthy, getting enough sleep and physical activity, to improve our immune systems and minimise any spread of the infection.

As of today, March 13, 2020, the UK’s governing league, the EIHA, has issued the following statement and is maintaining all league play. The statement also includes advice and tips on how to stay safe.

Alexandra Palace and the rink remains open and operational.

If you are concerned about your player/goalie or yourselves, please let your team manager or coach know if your player’s attendance will change – the club completely understands as it’s a personal decision.

Please advise the club if anyone in your family is experiencing symptoms/confirmed or is self-isolating ASAP.

Going forward, the Board will monitor the situation and review a decision to suspend operations if one of the following occurs (or an event similar in nature):

  • EIHA suspends the league

  • Alexandra Palace closes the rink

  • UK schools close nationwide

  • UK government advises closure of youth sporting events

For more information about tips, please see the following:

Please reach out to the Board members, your manager, coach or any Hounds staff with any questions or concerns.

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