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Week of May 31 - schedule update

Hello Hounds

With the first phase of tryout is now behind us we are back to the more familiar schedule

Please note birth years for ‘new age group’ are included!

Mon 31 May 2021

Learn to Play U9/11s Beginners Red Group – 17:45-18:35

U9s (2013-16) – 17:45-18:35

U11s (2011-12) – 17:45-19:00

U13/15/18 Dev – 19:00-19:55

U13s (2009-10) – 19:00-19:55

U15s (2007-08) – 20:10-21:05

U18s (2004-06) – 21:05-22:00

Fri 04 Jun 2021

Learn to Skate – 16:45-17:30

U13s (2009-10) – 17:45-18:35

U15s (2007-08) – 18:35-19:25

U18s (2004-06) – 19:25-20:15

Sat 05 Jun 2021

U13s 17:45 Away at Invicta

U15s 18:30-20:00 Home with Swindon

U18s 20:15-21:30 Home with Milton Keynes

Sun 06 Jun 2021

Learn to Play U9/11s Beginners Red Group – 08:15-09:15

U9s (2013-16) – 08:15-10:15

U11s (2011-12) – 08:15-10:15

U13/15/18 Dev – 08:15-09:15

U16Gs Haringey – 09:15-10:15

Goalies – 08:15-10:15

U11s 17:00 Away at Chelmsford

U13s 17:00 Away at Slough

These sessions will be appearing on TeamApp soon please make sure you RSVP.

Please follow the instructions when attending Alexandra Palace for the training sessions :

Parking The East car park will be open. If you state that you are from your hockey club you are not expected to pay the £3 suggested donation- unless you want to of course! The people on the gate will have the schedule and which teams to expect. Masks We are asking that anyone in the ice rink building wears a face mask, unless exempt from doing so. Once on the ice pad, masks are not expected to be worn, but put back on again after training.

At the rink

Please follow the local staff instructions and your team manager. The "one-way" system is currently in place for the players changing-in - changing-out.


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